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Truffle cream

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Exquisite, enveloping and effusive, this artisanal sauce is a truffle lover's dream. Made from fresh mushrooms, oil, black olives and summer truffles, making it particularly aromatic, a small spoonful of this gastronomic miracle is enough to awaken the magic of the kitchen in any dish. While its beautiful dark color will evoke the wonders that grow under the earth of the hills and forests of Italy, its great organoleptic power will flood your pasta dishes, scrambled eggs and omelets, sauces, meats, risottos, pizzas or appetizers as well as the delicious truffled bechamel of cannelloni.

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 0Kcal / 0kJ

of which Sugars1g


Meadow mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), sunflower oil 10%, extra virgin olive oil 6%, summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt), black olives, salt, aroma. It may contain traces or spores of the genus Tuber spp.