Spaghetti nº3

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The most classic cut of pasta, originally from Naples but true standard of Italian gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet throughout the world. Thin, elongated and with a rounded profile, Rummo's spaghetti are made only with pure water from the Sannio Valley and select durum wheat, and are always patiently made in bronze molds. Thus, its surface is rough and porous, guaranteeing a superb absorption of condiments, flavors and aromas. A superlatively versatile pasta that, beyond the delicious traditional recipes, will surprise you with its ease of adaptation to ingredients and recipes from other countries.

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 356Kcal / 1490kJ

of which Sugars3.1g
Salt< 1g


Durum wheat semolina, water.

More info

AllergensMay contain traces of soy and egg.