Di Gennaro

Soft Nougat (Torrone) With Pistachios

150g | HelloMamma


The Latin term "Cupedia" was employed to depict a mixture of hazelnut paste and honey, already esteemed in ancient Rome. This historical appreciation is evident in the writings of the historian Livius and the poet Marshall. To this day, it is recognized in Campania as a traditional Christmas delicacy, often found at characteristic country fairs and patronal festivals. The authentic recipe is closely guarded by the masters who, through generations, have passed down the secrets. Though the specifics are confidential, the fundamental ingredients include honey, egg white, hazelnuts, and almonds, skillfully blended. Embedded in the legacy of the Di Gennaro family since 1903 are the key elements of tradition, passion, and experience, all contributing to the rich and enduring history of this culinary art.


Sugar, Almonds 30% Glucose Syrup, Inverted Sugar Syrup, Honey, Pistachios 5%, Egg White Powder, Wafers ( Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil) Pistachio Flavour, Vanilla Flavour. May contain: Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Wheat & Barley