Olive Dolce Sicilia Gigante

250g | HelloMamma


Sicilian olives with abundant and firm pulp, fleshy, juicy and with a characteristic bright green colour. Cultivated and preserved according to ancient peasant wisdom and meticulously harvested at the exact moment of their maturation after they have been fed with the energy of the summer sun. Its flavor is intense, deep and genuine, the result of the geological and climatic peculiarities of the area where the olive groves grow. And its content, rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B, D and E, fibers and minerals. With this color, this flavor and these nutritional properties, it is not surprising that they are called the green pearls of the Mediterranean.


Olives, water, salt. Acidity regulator: E330. Antioxidant: E300.

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AllergensMay contain lupins.