De Cecco

Lasagna all’uovo nº112

500g | HelloMamma


One of the most beloved dishes in Italian cuisine, with the added advantage that it is not necessary to pre-cook the pasta. When baked, the lasagna all'uovo De Cecco will take the necessary moisture from the ingredients that accompany it, be it bolognese sauce with béchamel or more original recipes with vegetables, mushrooms, fish or cheese. And not only that: it will be a rich, juicy, elastic and palatable pasta, thanks to Rummo's slow-drying and elaboration process, which guarantees the preservation of egg proteins and wheat carbohydrates.

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 365Kcal / 1527kJ

of which Sugars2.9g
Salt< 1g

More info

AllergensDurum wheat semolina, fresh pasteurised eggs (28.27%).