Goat Counter Cheese

1kg | HelloMamma


Made from the finest quality goat milk, this cheese is handcrafted to perfection, ensuring a rich and creamy texture that melts in your mouth. With its distinct tangy flavor and smooth finish, Goat Counter Cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese board, salad, or sandwich. Our cheese is made using traditional methods, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor and nutrition. It is also free from any artificial preservatives, making it a healthy and guilt-free snack option. Whether you're a cheese connoisseur or just looking for a delicious and healthy snack, Goat Counter Cheese is the perfect choice.

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 0Kcal / 0kJ

Carbohydrate< 1g
Fat< 1g
of which Sugars< 1g
Proteins< 1g
Fibers< 1g
Salt< 1g

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