Casarecce nº88

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That its name means “homemade” is revealing, since this short pasta, with a firm texture and the shape of a rolled parchment, has the leading role in many of the traditional recipes of the nonnas (grandmothers) of southern Italy. Their peculiar shape makes them ideal to go with dense preparations such as ragout or the pestos so dear to their island of origin, Sicily. Thus, these sauces are introduced into their holes and impregnate the casarecce inside, which together with the texture and firmness of this pasta gives rise to an impeccable culinary marriage.

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 356Kcal / 1490kJ

of which Sugars3.1g
Salt< 1g


Durum wheat semolina, water.

More info

AllergensMay contain traces of soy and egg.