De Cecco

Bucatini nº15

500g | HelloMamma


Bucatini represent the perfect balance between long and short pasta: they are just as long as spaghetti, but thinner and more consistent, and the hole that runs through them allows impeccable cooking both inside and out. This pasta is the star of a classic of Italian cuisine: Bucatini alla Amatriciana, which are made with tomato, bacon and pecorino cheese. But their great versatility makes them ideal to accompany butter or olive oil sauces, with spices or aromatic herbs, based on melted cheeses, vegetables...

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 351Kcal / 1469kJ

of which Sugars3.4g
Salt< 1g


Durum wheat semolina.

More info

AllergensWheat. May contain traces of soy and egg.