Base Pizza Rossa

230g | HelloMamma


Reduce the time it takes to prepare your pizzas without reducing their quality with this versatile and functional pizza base, seasoned with creamy and very tasty tomato sauce. It is kneaded with the traditional Italian Biga method, the most advisable for making pizza because with it the dough is highly hydrated, structured and elastic, providing richness and complexity to its flavor, a crunchy crust and an airy, fragrant and fluffy crumb. The pizza rossa base of La Vesuviana has a long shelf life, preserves the aroma, texture and flavor of genuine Neapolitan pizza very well and is ready in just five minutes.

Nutritional info

Average value per 100gr.Energy: 206.2Kcal / 863kJ

of which Sugars< 1g
Fibers< 1g


Type "00" soft wheat flour, water, salt, fresh yeast, tomato, E202, E282.

More info

AllergensGluten, milk, lactose.