Amaro Montenegro

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Amaro Montenegro is a renowned liqueur of Italian origin. Its main characteristic is that it is obtained from the infusion of aromatic herbs in pure alcohol. This aromatic transparent liqueur was first prepared in Bologna in 1885 and has won numerous awards. The recipe for this liqueur is still a secret. We know that it contains the mixture of 40 herbs from all over the world, among which we can find mugwort, marjoram, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, orange and nutmeg. At the end of its maceration, 12 essences remain that are combined into six aromatic notes, which give it its characteristic flavour. This liqueur is excellent for preparing cocktails with vermouth, gin and oranges, and is highly sought after for its intense and exclusive flavour. Some cocktails that contain Amaro Montenegro are the Montegroni, Monte Mule, Monte Manhattan, Monte on the Rocks and the Monte & Tonic, all of them with a delicious and intense flavour.